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ravenskyewalker's Journal

I'm a book fanatic and a science fiction nerd, who's interested in Quakerism yet still admires warships. What can be said to top that bit of strangeness? Perhaps that I'm an old Doctor Who fan who's pro-Seventh Doctor? heh heh heh.

With Doctor Who, I'm kickin' it old-skool and am just a big fan of the character of the Doctor, in his various personae, although my heart seems to belong most to the Seventh. (After many years away from DW fandom, I returned in a limited way in May 2008 due to Seven and the SMAS board.) I tolerate New Who, but snarkily refer to it as WINO (Who in Name Only). If anyone tries to convert me to the joys of Rose Tyler, I'll try to convert them to the joys of Ace, heh heh. And my Doctor is not the "Lonely God" Tenth, who cried far too easily and whined "I don't want to go!" before regeneration. (May Pertwee's Doctor kick your butt, boy.)

(As an update: I'm surprised to now love the Eleventh Doctor; despite Matt Smith being the youngest Doctor-actor yet, the Doctor seems like the Doctor again, for the first time in years. Just so people know, my Doctor ranking is usually this: Tom Baker, Pertwee, and McCoy, in some random order I can never decide, followed by Troughton and Smith, Hartnell and McGann, Davison and Colin Baker, with Eccleston and Tennant -- yeah, sorry -- dead last.)

With Battlestar Galactica, the old series was one of my great guilty pleasures. The "reimagination"/reboot was quite impressive, but suffered from some remarkable attention deficit disorder. My favorite aspects: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, and the wonderful, doomed Adama/Roslin relationship. (New BSG had a brilliant season-and-a-half, went off the rails, recovered in some respects, went even more bonkers, then decided to try to break everyone/thing it could in Season 4. It's worth watching, but ouch.)

Another guilty pleasure: Space: 1999. It was wonderful crack for its time; I do hope no one tries to revive it.

I used to describe myself as a scary combination of Marvin the Paranoid Android (Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy) and Kerr Avon (Blake's 7) -- but, with any luck, I'm better these days. *evil grin*

Alas, I don't post much in my LJ, and mostly use this account for comments elsewhere. I finally posted a locked batch of old fanfic and fic fragments, and find myself in the habit of locking minor things, due to old fandom experiences convincing me to keep a low profile. However, my book-related posts are mostly unlocked, and I do post a lot at SMAS, http://smas.forumup.co.uk/ .

(Since writing the above paragraph, I've unlocked two silly old stories, but had them removed from the fanfic archive where they'd been posted. Control issues, really. Besides, my muse and I aren't on speaking terms these days.)

"The Snarkiness Patrol" in my interests list is a SMAS in-joke, a take-off on the Seventh Doctor story "The Happiness Patrol."

I've sold books on www.half.com since 2000; feel free to check my inventory there.

2012: Quite without intending to, I've gone over to (and become completely distracted by) the Dark Side -- Tumblr. http://ravenskyewalker.tumblr.com
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